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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
ATG Co. as sole representative serving the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries & its group companies provide between them the capability for which they are renowned and have allowed us to handle a wide array of assignments for both local and international customers.
ATG Co. is to be considered your first checkpoint if you are in need of anything related to Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries. Since its inception as a general trading company specializing in Industry equipment.

Cement, Steel & Powerplant
Our logistics service supports the steel and mining operations, and is an integral part of our entire supply chain, helping to deliver raw materials to the plants & our customers. We aim to offer a competitive advantage by generating value for our plants and excellent customer service for all stakeholders.
We do through a collaborative process of supplier evaluations, including the integration of responsible sourcing criteria in our annual supplier performance monitoring system.
In process industries like Oil & Gas, Chemical and Power, it’s vital to enhance performance and ensure reliability. Maintaining rotating equipment is an important driver for performance. In order to assess the condition of rotating equipment, our team of Diagnostic engineers offers endoscopic inspections, condition monitoring and a broad range of measurements on gearboxes and other equipment such as pumps, compressors, electro-motors, turbines and generators.

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